$$ \newcommand{\half}{\frac{1}{2}} \newcommand{\halfi}{{1/2}} \newcommand{\tp}{\thinspace .} \newcommand{\uex}{{u_{\small\mbox{e}}}} \newcommand{\uexd}[1]{{u_{\small\mbox{e}, #1}}} \newcommand{\vex}{{v_{\small\mbox{e}}}} \newcommand{\Aex}{{A_{\small\mbox{e}}}} \newcommand{\E}[1]{\hbox{E}\lbrack #1 \rbrack} \newcommand{\Var}[1]{\hbox{Var}\lbrack #1 \rbrack} \newcommand{\xpoint}{\boldsymbol{x}} \newcommand{\normalvec}{\boldsymbol{n}} \newcommand{\Oof}[1]{\mathcal{O}(#1)} \newcommand{\x}{\boldsymbol{x}} \renewcommand{\u}{\boldsymbol{u}} \renewcommand{\v}{\boldsymbol{v}} \newcommand{\acc}{\boldsymbol{a}} \newcommand{\rpos}{\boldsymbol{r}} \newcommand{\e}{\boldsymbol{e}} \newcommand{\f}{\boldsymbol{f}} \newcommand{\F}{\boldsymbol{F}} \newcommand{\stress}{\boldsymbol{\sigma}} \newcommand{\I}{\boldsymbol{I}} \newcommand{\T}{\boldsymbol{T}} \newcommand{\q}{\boldsymbol{q}} \newcommand{\g}{\boldsymbol{g}} \newcommand{\dfc}{\alpha} % diffusion coefficient \newcommand{\ii}{\boldsymbol{i}} \newcommand{\jj}{\boldsymbol{j}} \newcommand{\kk}{\boldsymbol{k}} \newcommand{\ir}{\boldsymbol{i}_r} \newcommand{\ith}{\boldsymbol{i}_{\theta}} \newcommand{\Ix}{\mathcal{I}_x} \newcommand{\Iy}{\mathcal{I}_y} \newcommand{\Iz}{\mathcal{I}_z} \newcommand{\It}{\mathcal{I}_t} \newcommand{\setb}[1]{#1^0} % set begin \newcommand{\sete}[1]{#1^{-1}} % set end \newcommand{\setl}[1]{#1^-} \newcommand{\setr}[1]{#1^+} \newcommand{\seti}[1]{#1^i} \newcommand{\stepzero}{*} \newcommand{\stephalf}{***} \newcommand{\stepone}{**} \newcommand{\baspsi}{\psi} \newcommand{\dx}{\, \mathrm{d}x} \newcommand{\ds}{\, \mathrm{d}s} \newcommand{\Real}{\mathbb{R}} \newcommand{\Integer}{\mathbb{Z}} $$





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