Table of contents

Simulation program used as sample app
User interfaces for Python functions
      Real numbers as input and output
      A plot as output
      More input parameters and results
      Other types of input data
Working with a pool of input parameters
      Specifying a pool as a list
      Attributes in data items
      The compute function
      A command-line and file interface
      A web-based user interface
      Operating the graphical web interface
      Detection of wrong input
      Loading parameters from file and the command line
      Common trouble: "Address already in use"
      Specifying a pool using an API
      Specifying a pool using an alternative API
      Login and archival of results
      Python expressions as input
      Exercise 1: Make a web app for integration
      Exercise 2: Make a web app for plotting data
      Exercise 3: Make a web app for studying vibrations
      Problem 4: Make a coin flipper
      Exercise 5: Make a web app for the Lorenz system
      Exercise 6: Customize an automatically generated web app
      Local server
Appendix: Installation of Parampool